Coaching for Everyone and Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) Announce Collaboration in BIPOC Fellowship Coaching Program

From the beginning, Coaching for Everyone’s mission has been clear: to increase the accessibility of coaching and leadership support to traditionally underserved and under-resourced BIPOC populations. To support this mission, CFE has made collaboration a priority, working with coaches across the country to provide complimentary coaching sessions to the people who often lack access to them. Those voices are desperately needed in our society and culture, and can benefit greatly from the guidance and confidence that can be found through coaching.

The mission doesn’t stop there, however, and CFE is thrilled to announce a partnership with Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), a dynamic leader in coach training, with almost 30 years of innovation in our industry. CFE and CTI will be working together to implement the Coaching for Everyone Fellowship Program, designed to provide free coaching training to BIPOC individuals looking to expand our industry.

The team at CFE believes that it’s not enough to simply provide coaching services to underserved populations; we want to restructure the industry from the ground up. Coaching should be accessible to everyone, and in order to provide relevant, impactful and transformative coaching to diverse populations, we need diverse populations to become coaches. We can’t think of a better company to partner with in these efforts than Co-Active Training Institute!

Formed in 1992, CTI holds a respected place in the history of the coaching industry, and continues to prioritize innovation, inclusivity, and growth toward the universal good. If you visit their website, you’ll see (in big, bold letters) the phrase “Co-Active is not a destination.”

CFE founder Dr. Victor McGuire couldn’t agree more. He views this mission as a journey, saying that it takes “Patience and persistence, and even more patience and persistence,” to transform this industry to one that dramatically increases its percentage of BIPOC individuals in the coaching profession. As a partner in this fellowship program, CFE will ensure that every CTI instructor has been vetted as having a combination of lived experience as a marginalized
population and/or extensive training in anti-racism.

CTI-CEO Carlo Bos, in a recent interview with Dr. McGuire, states that he is “… struck by the simplicity and transformative nature” of CFE’s vision. With a mission that resonates strongly for both organizations, the fellowship program is an integral leap toward ensuring that coaching truly is for everyone, and that the BIPOC community has a place at the coaching table.

CFE’s fellowship program will begin with two pilot cohorts, one on April 19th and the second on May 18 of 2021. Cohorts will be made up of 18-23 BIPOC Fellows from diverse industries, and emerge as certified Co-Active coaches and will immediately be able to begin implementing their coaching training in their organizations. In October of 2021, the fellowship program will officially launch. If you would like to apply for the fellowship program, or donate to our efforts to train 100 coaches in our first year, please visit the Coaching for Everyone website at www.https://coachingforeveryone.org/ to learn more.