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CFE Mission

Coaching For Everyone (CFE), a 501c3 non-profit organization, operates with two forward-thinking missions:

      • Increase the access to high-quality coaching within the BIPOC Community by offering complimentary coaching and leadership support to traditionally underserved and under-resourced BIPOC populations through our Pro Bono Coaching Program.
      • Increase the representation of ICF-credentialed BIPOC coaches by offering low-cost coach training opportunities to qualified BIPOC professionals interested in becoming an ICF-certified coach through the CFE Scholars Coach Certification Program.

      CFE Is Currently In Search Of Community Wide Ambassadors

Position Summary

The Ambassadors are part of a national team tasked to support CFE awareness building and enrollment of scholars into our CFE Coach Certification program. These ambassadors will increase leadership opportunities for BIPOC professionals by utilizing their circle of influence to identify and enroll qualified individuals with interest in becoming a certified coach. A key element of this critical role is to research, discover, and develop relationships that will increase participation in the CFE Scholars program. The ambassador should possess the skill of a self-starter who is willing to prospect new opportunities by phone, presentations, e-mail, and meetings. While CFE Ambassadors will be selected to represent their state, there is no limitation on reaching beyond the state borders to enroll individuals.

Ambassadors will receive $250 for the first 8 enrolled scholars and $500 for each additional person that enrolls in the CFE Scholars Coach Certification program.

Ambassadors are expected to enroll a minimum of 4 Scholars per quarter. CFE will provide you with marketing tools to support your efforts.

Qualifications / Skills

Self motivated and organized
Ability to research and identify BIPOC leaders in your state and beyond as your circle of influence supports
Reside in the primary city/state represented
Accessibility to email
Exceptional oral and written communication skills
Creative and follow through work ethic

Inspired by helping others engage in opportunities to be certified coaches

Unique problem solver

Pays attention to detail
Sets obtainable goals with a plausible execution plan


Recruit, organize and execute potential coaches within your circle of influence
Ability to connect with community resources
Work directly with Coaching for Everyone Director of Fellowship Coach Training staff from a remote location
Publicize CFE programs in your designated area
Maintain detailed records and database of all contacts established
Responsible for ensuring that a professional relationship is established and maintained with their state’s organizations
Serve as liaison between the CFE, and the professional organizations contacted
Keep the CFE CEO/Founder informed of city/state, initiatives pertaining to The CFE Scholars Coach Certification Program

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