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What is a White Ally?

Our Three Pillars

Building Your Vision

Building Your Practice

Building Your Future

Empower your coaching practice with Urban Ascend

The Mission: At Urban Ascend, our mission is clear – to empower, inspire, and enlighten underrepresented BIPOC coaching communities nationwide. Through our innovative referral program and personalized certification training, we are committed to providing you with access to quality guidance and support, fostering positive personal and professional growth at every stage of your coaching career.

The Vision: Step into a new era of coaching excellence with Urban Ascend: Introducing the Urban Ascend Seal of Certification Excellence, an exclusive program meticulously crafted for BIPOC Coaches and their communities across the nation. Our vision extends beyond certification – it’s about your profound transformation, enriching not just your coaching skills but your entire life journey.

The Purpose: Urban Ascend aims to bring together a group of 25 certified coaches – as we host a one-day virtual orientation, unveiling the details of our transformative program. This immersive experience sets the stage for your journey, connecting you with a vibrant community of coaches. Beyond this, our upcoming months feature advanced certification programs meticulously tailored to elevate your professional capabilities, contributing significantly to your success as a coach. Urban Ascend isn’t just a program, it’s a dynamic journey designed to ignite and amplify your coaching practice with lasting impact.

Quality Assurance

Elevate Your Standards
Urban Ascend transcends mere introductions. We are passionately devoted to your success. Our promise includes continual support, training, and resources, ensuring you stand at the forefront of coaching excellence. Your growth is not just encouraged, it’s our commitment.


Unity Fuels
Success In the spirit of unity, Urban Ascend collaborates with industry leaders, prestigious institutions, and advocates of diversity. Joining us means being part of a movement that values inclusivity, innovation, and genuine change. Here, your network isn’t just local, it’s a powerful force on a national scale.

Marketing & Promotion

Your Spotlight Awaits
Visibility is at the core of our mission. Through our Coaches of Color Network, we invite coaching businesses to explore a diverse array of BIPOC coaching talent. Each coach radiates expertise, passion, and a unique narrative. Your potential isn’t just recognized, it’s celebrated!

Our Commitment

Your Blueprint for Success
Your growth is not left to chance. With Urban Ascend, access career-enhancing certifications and a robust support framework. This is an ecosystem where BIPOC coaches and coaching entities don’t just coexist, they thrive. We’re here for your journey, every step of the way.

What is Urban Ascend?

Urban Ascend isn’t just a program, it’s your key to transforming your coaching practice. Our comprehensive one-day virtual orientation is designed to introduce you to a curated selection of highly marketable certifications that will unfold over the next 6-8 months. It’s not just about credentials, it’s about unlocking new dimensions in your coaching practice.

During this immersive single-day event, you’ll not only dive into the details of our program but also connect with coaching peers nationwide. This is more than networking, it’s building a community of like-minded professionals who share your passion for coaching excellence.

Gain valuable exposure to Coaching Employment Opportunities through our cutting-edge referral program. Urban Ascend is not just about learning, it’s about creating opportunities for your coaching career to thrive.

The Best Part?

We’re committed to making this transformative experience accessible. Urban Ascend comes at an incredibly low cost, ensuring that investing in your future doesn’t break the bank. As a gesture of our dedication, every participant will receive a $1,000 scholarship. Your investment today is an investment in your thriving coaching future.

Why Choose Urban Ascend?

Seal of Certification Excellence

In today’s competitive coaching landscape, standing out is more crucial than ever. Urban Ascend, an illustrious initiative by CFE, goes beyond the ordinary to bring BIPOC coaches an unmatched suite of certifications. We don’t just train – we transform.

Grow your Skill Set

Each certification under Urban Ascend is meticulously curated to ensure it holds weight in the professional realm. When an Urban Ascend certified coach presents their credentials for a coaching role, employers know they’re meeting excellence.

Employment Edge

The world is waking up to the value of diverse voices and certified skill sets. An Urban Ascend certification amplifies a coach’s marketability, creating a distinct competitive advantage in the job market.

Recognized Excellence

Completing the Urban Ascend program isn’t just about collecting accolades. It’s a stamp of quality, dedication, and expertise. Our coaches emerge as a new echelon of professionals, recognized and respected industry wide.

Urban Ascend Alumni – A Mark of Distinction

When you see a coach certified by Urban Ascend, you see a professional who:

  • Has Diverse Skills: Trained in a broad spectrum of tools, techniques, and methodologies, they bring a unique blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary strategy.
  • Is Committed to Excellence: The rigorous training ensures only the committed complete the program, making each alumnus a testament to dedication.
  • Possesses Urban Ascend’s Seal of Quality: This isn’t just another certification. It’s a brand, a mark of excellence, and a beacon of trust.

Urban Ascend’s Coaching Referral Program

At Urban Ascend, our referral program is a bridge of opportunity. We aim to magnify your marketability and seamlessly connect the incredible talent of certified BIPOC coaches with the coaching industry’s visionairies. Together, we will champion a future where diversity in coaching isn’t just welcomed – it’s celebrated.

Coaches: Imagine a world where your skills are in high demand, and your unique journey is understood and celebrated. That’s our vision for every BIPOC coach. While we can’t guarantee employment, we pledge to open doors, introduce you to exclusive opportunities, and foster a community where you’re more than a coach.

A Dual-Edged Impact

Growth for Coaches: Beyond the act of learning, participating coaches also receive. Immersing themselves in this initiative offers a distinctive chance to gain deeper insights into the unique challenges these communities face while also advancing their own coaching trajectories.

More than a Program – A Movement: Urban Ascend isn’t just another outreach program. It’s a ground-breaking movement that’s set to propel change. We’re equipping BIPOC coaches with advanced leadership skills and tools to elevate themselves and their communities. By doing this, we are underlining a principle we hold dear: Every individual holds within them the power to enact significant change.

Who We Seek

Certified Coaches: Especially those who identify as BIPOC.

Commitment: Dedication to see the program to its conclusion.

Experience: A minimum of one year in the coaching realm.

Drive for Impact: Individuals fueled by a passion for creating meaningful change.

City Schedule

Washington, D.C.

Week of January 22nd, 2024

Please note: Our orientations are switching to Virtual to accommodate all applicants. Washington D.C. will be the only in-person orientation.


What is the main vision of the Urban Ascend initiative?
The primary vision of Urban Ascend is to offer special pricing for certified coaches to advance themselves in their coaching career. We aim to transform lives, enhance the marketability of coaches, and establish a sustainable community.
What is the purpose of the Urban Ascend’s one-day virtual orientation?
The one-day virtual orientation is designed to provide information about the program and answer any questions or concerns that potential participants may have.
What does the Urban Ascend Coaching Referral Program offer?
The Referral Program acts as a bridge of opportunity, aiming to magnify the marketability of certified BIPOC coaches by seamlessly connecting them with the coaching industry's visionaries and opening doors to exclusive opportunities.
How does Urban Ascend assist in building a strong marketable profile?
Urban Ascend aids coaches in understanding their Unique Value Proposition, investing in continuous learning, building and showcasing a digital presence, networking actively, and seeking feedback for continuous improvement.
What are the advantages of choosing Urban Ascend for certification?
Urban Ascend offers notable certifications, providing an employment edge and recognized excellence in the coaching field, ensuring that certified coaches stand out in the professional realm.
What does it mean to be an Urban Ascend Alumni?
An Urban Ascend Alumni is a professional who is diversely skilled, committed to excellence, and possesses the Urban Ascend Seal of Quality, signifying them as a mark of distinction in the coaching industry.
What is the unique approach of Urban Ascend?
Urban Ascend tours major urban cities, ensuring localized expertise by involving local coaches and broadening horizons by offering a series of leadership training certifications.
What is the dual-edged impact of Urban Ascend?
Urban Ascend not only empowers participating coaches with advanced skills but also stands as a movement that equips BIPOC coaches to enact significant change in their communities.
Who is the ideal candidate for the Urban Ascend initiative?
Certified Coaches, especially those identifying as BIPOC, with a dedication to creating meaningful change are ideal candidates.
What are the networking opportunities offered by Urban Ascend?
Urban Ascend fosters a thriving, interconnected community of BIPOC coaches, facilitating deep bonds, virtual cohorts, alumni events, and resource and opportunity sharing among coaches.

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