Become a Coaching for Everyone Founding Member

What is The One Person, Big Difference Founding Member Program?

A founding member is a person that sees the mission of Coaching for Everyone (CFE) and enthusiastically says, “I want to be on the front lines raising money to support THIS organization.” Such a person recognizes and resonates with the need for Bipoc individuals to be in the field of coaching and for the need to offer high quality coaching for traditionally underrepresented and under-resourced people of color.

What does a Founding Member do?

A founding member taps their personal or professional network in raising $2,000 to support the CFE fellowship program.

How does this work?

It’s simple, identify people in your network that want to support our mission in increasing the number of BIPOC coaches in the field of coaching. Utilize the support materials we will provide and in 30 days make it happen.

Need a visual aid for clarity? Please view the graphic below.

Why this method of fundraising?

We chose this method of grassroots fundraising so that any person, no matter their status, can contribute to your mission. Coaching is one of the fastest-growing careers in the world. We want to expand access to high-quality coaching and impact the entire field by diversifying it. Spreading the word about CFE is vital, and with multiple team members acting as fundraisers and ambassadors, we intend to do just that.

Here is the link to our donation page that your team can contribute to. We can support your efforts with a CFE Founding Members Marketing Kit.

Where does the money go?


This money will go to support our initiative with The Academy of Creative Coaching (ACC) in providing a fellowship program for BIPOC individuals in leadership roles that want to pursue a career in coaching.

Tuition for 10 people of color who aspire to become coaches – Coaching training can be cost-prohibitive for many people of color interested in the profession. CFE seeks to diversify the profession by funding 10 traditionally underrepresented individuals per year so they may enroll in a high-quality coaching certification program from a sanctioned International Coaching Federation (ICF) School.

We are developing The Coaches of Color Network, a membership organization that will support BIPOC coaches internationally.

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